Glaciation in A Coruña, 2021

Renaissance of Ferrol, 2019

"Memoirs of a man in pajamas" (film), 2018

"Memoirs of a man in pajamas" (film), 2018

Io, 2016

"Undying Dreams" (film), 2014 

Jupiter, 2011

A Coruña 2830 ("Coruña Hoy" Magazine Poster), 2011

COROT 7B ("Astronomía" Cover Magazine), 2009

"Euromillones: Todo Cabe" (TV spot), 2008

Ferrol 2677 ("Ferrol Hoy" Magazine Poster),  2008

Ferrol 1800 ("Ferrol Hoy" magazine poster), 2008

Castle of San Felipe 1763 (Ferrol Historical Heritage Commission), 2007

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