Reforestation and farming on desert areas.

Individual underground parking for different types of vehicles. Once hidden, the vehicle is protected thanks to a horizontal hatch which seals the cabin.

Structure with huge sound amplifiers where people from all corners of the earth give a mass concert to fill the whole planet with music.

Nursery music school where the pupils wear special suits which allow to absorb and learn musical language while playing. Pets play and important role here, rising the empathy level and therefore make the learning process an easier task.

Unidad Gonzalo Golpe

Green roads sustained by the vehicles themselves which irrigate nutrients and moisturize the ground in their path.

Intelligent machines without crew which were designed to bring life to different places. In this case, the mission of those machines is to transform the Moon in a habitable place. This kind of wires which are connected to all the machines brings the necessary components and nanotechnology to make the Moon another place to live in.

Lighting system made of smart materials which illuminate the place only when somebody walks between them. This system has been designed to eliminate light pollution. During the day this system is hidden and captures daylight to work at night.

Self-governing machines which are huge generators, storing the electricity that generates the water by itself. After that, they move to the areas where those energy are needed.

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